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What is?

Arista (Arista™AH) is a synthetic hemostatic agent that includes an absorbable hemostatic powder consisting of Microporous Polysaccharide Hemospheres (MPH®).

What for?

Arista is indicated in surgical procedures as an adjunctive hemostatic material in the control of capillary, venous and arteriolar bleeding.

How does it work?

Arista works through accelerating the intrinsic clotting cascade. When applied onto a bleeding wound, Arista particles act as a molecular sieve, and extract the fluid from blood. This osmotic action causes the particle to swell and concentrates serum proteins, platelets and other formed elements on its surface. The particles and their coating of compacted cells create a scaffolding for the formation of a tenacious fibrin clot within minutes of application. The Arista™AH particles are fully absorbed and enzymatically cleared from the wound site within 24 to 48 hours.

What are the pros and cons?

Arista is synthesized from a purified plant polymer and free of all biological components. It is non toxic, non irritating, non hemolytic and non mutagenic. Arista has no adverse reactions.

How to apply?

Arista is a sterile powder, and is applied  to the bleeding site using its applicator. No mixing, no additional components and no special storage conditions are required.

Who produces it?

Medafor, Inc.
2700 Freeway Boulevard, Suite 800
Minneapolis, MN 55430

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