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What is?

SmArtCage-C is a cervical fusion cage made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK).

What for?

This is a typical cervical cage used for interbody fusion.

What are the pros and cons?

The information provided by the company: "Its geometry facilitates insertion even in very collapsed disc interspaces. It strengthens the cage anchoring on the endplates and open the neural foramen. Expansion is done in a single step using a custom-made holder.  Insertion: The original wedge-like profile facilitates insertion in narrow disc spaces, that usual retractors are unable to fully open in their utmost posterior part. Stability: Enhances primary stability with a robust anchoring on the vertebral endplates. Fusion: A spacious inner opening for bone graft provides an optimal fusion surface. Decompression: The posterior expansion of the cage completes the foramens release by opening the posterior space."

Who produces it?

SmArtSpine SARL
26, Rue d’Helsinki
ZI Les Estroublans
F-13127 Vitrolles


SmArtCage-C Brochure, SmArtCage-C Picture

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