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What is?

SmArtCage-L is a bean (or banana) shaped fusion cage made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK).

What for?

This is a lumbar cage used for interbody fusion. A single cage with one-sided approach (TLIF: Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion) is enough.

What are the pros and cons?

The information provided by the company: "Inserted through a transforaminal approach, this cage is automatically reoriented inside the disc space using an ergonomic holder. The expansion feature allows insertion even in the most collapsed spaces where conventional TLIF may not be considered. Minimizes Dural Exposure: Reduces iatrogenic neurologic lesion risk due to excessive root traction risk due to excessive root traction. For revision surgery, avoid dissection of epidural scar. Minimizes dural tears and symptomatic epidural fibrosis. Unique Expansion Feature: One step cage insertion and expansion, even in severely collapsed disc spaces and controlled bone graft transfer to opposite side. Anatomic Biconvex Shape: A single expansion and insertion tool uniquely engineered to precisely guide and reorient throughout the 80° spanned during insertion. This unique holder is designed to perfectly position the cage in the disc space."

Who produces it?

SmArtSpine SARL
26, Rue d’Helsinki
ZI Les Estroublans
F-13127 Vitrolles


SmArtCage-L Brochure, SmArtCage-L Picture

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