University of Pittsburgh Medical Center • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

May 20-23, September 3-16, December 2-5, 2009

Sponsored by

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
UPMC Minimally Invasive endoNeurosurgery Center
Department of Neurological Surgery
Department of Otolaryngology
Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences

Course Co-Directors

Amin B. Kassam, MD Carl H. Snyderman, MD Ricardo L. Carrau, MD

Course Faculty

Paul A. Gardner, MD Daniel M. Prevedello, MD S. Tonya Stefko, MD


•  Review anatomic relationships of the sphenoid sinus and ventral skull base.
•  Describe minimally invasive approaches for endoscopic surgery of the cranial base and pituitary fossa.
•  Identify methods to avoid and manage major complications of endoscopic surgery of the cranial base and pituitary fossa


Day 1: Principles, Anatomy, Levels I & II (sinuses, pituitary, CSF leaks). Cadaver Dissection / Prosection
Day 2: Live Surgery, Endonasal Modules, Level III (extradural cranial base, sagittal plane), Cadaver Dissection / Prosection / 3-D Anatomy
Day 3: Levels IV & V (intradural cranial base, coronal plane), Cadaver Dissection / Prosection / 3-D Anatomy
Day 4: Complications & Outcomes, Case Discussions, Cadaver Dissection / Prosection

This course is designed for

Neurosurgeons, Otolaryngologists - Head and Neck Surgeons and Minimally Invasive Skull Base Surgeons

Course Highlights

• Interactive Real-Time Live Surgery
• Fresh Cadaver Dissection (including skills stations, anatomical models, and state-of-the-art endoscopic equipment with image guidance)
• Lectures and Videos
• Case Presentations

For More Information Contact:

Mary Jo Tutchko, Conference Manager
Department of Neurological Surgery • UPMC Presbytenan Suite B-400 • 200 Lothrop Street • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213, U.SA
Telephone:+1 (412) 647-6358 • Fax:+1 (412) 647-1778 • E-mail:
Web site:
Registration limited. Discounts available for surgical teams.

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UPMC Min Invazive Endoscopic Image1   UPMC Min Invazive Endoscopic Image1

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