Cooper Scale

Name and Synonyms

Cooper Scale, Cooper Myelopathy Scale

Source Article

Cooper PR, Epstein F (1985) Radical resection of intramedullary spinal cord tumors in adults. Recent experience in 29 patients. J Neurosurg 63:492–499.

Structure / Content

Upper extremity function

  •  Grade 0    Intact
  •  Grade 1    Sensory symptoms only
  •  Grade 2    Mild motor deficit with some functional impairment
  •  Grade 3    Major functional impairment in at least one upper extremity but upper extremities useful for simple tasks
  •  Grade 4    No movement or flicker of movement in upper extremities; no useful function

Lower extremity function

  •  Grade 0    Intact
  •  Grade 1    Walks independently but not normally
  •  Grade 2    Walks but needs cane or walker
  •  Grade 3    Stands but cannot walk
  •  Grade 4    Slight movement but cannot walk or stand
  •  Grade 5    Paralysis

Scoring Method and Interpretation

The higher the grade, the more severe the deficit. Upper and lower extremity are analysed separately, the grades are not summarized


Eur Spine J. 2007 December; 16(12): 2096–2103. 

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