Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ)


The Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ).

Source Article

Rosenstiel AK, Keefe FJ. The use of cognitive coping strategies in chronic low back pain patients: relationship to patient characteristics and current adjustment. Pain 1983; 17:33-44.


The Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ), a measure of coping in chronic pain patients. Rosenstiel and Keefe generated the 48 items of the CSQ from their experience in clinical and experimental studies.

Structure / Content

The authors were divided into eight scales of six items each: a) diverting attention; b) reinterpreting pain sensation; c) coping self-statements; d) ignoring pain sensation; e) praying and hoping; f) catastrophizing; g) increasing activity level, and h) increasing pain beliaviors. For the question «How frequently do you use die following strategies when you have pain?», the subjects answered according to die 7 point Likert scale: 0: never; 3: sometimes; 6: always. At the end of the questionnaire, there are two perceived effectiveness items: i) control over pain (0-6), and j) ability to decrease the pain (0-6).

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