Triangle Step Test


The Triangle Step Test.

Source Article

Mihara H, kondo S, Murata A, et al. A new performance test for cervical myelopathy: the triangle step test. Spine 2010;35(1):32-35.


Triangle step test is a new performance test proposed by Mihara et al. for evaluating lower extremity motor function in cervical myelopathy patients.

Structure / Content

A triangular board measuring 30 cm on each side is used for the test (see figure below). 3 stepping points were marked at each apex. The board is placed in front of a subject sitting on a chair and the subject is instructed to use their foot to step on each mark one after another as quickly as possible. The number of steps in 10 seconds is counted and recorded for each foot. The number of missed steps is not included in the total number of steps.

                               Triangle Step Test

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